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Happy Granny knee rug


Finally – a resolution for the ‘blanket that makes itself’!

My original plan was to make four sections of 5×5 squares using this pattern. But I kept running out of certain colours and the four sections ended up being too different to put together.

So Plan B was to use the four sections separately, add one row of knitted squares at each end and crochet the pieces together. I then added a knitted ‘frilly border’.


This website documents what I am learning in the craft world. My crochet skills are still ‘developing’, i.e. very basic! I played around with single chain stitches to join the knit pieces and to create a coloured border line around the whole blanket. Then I had great fun creating a frilly border in knit using a stitch from Nicky Epstein’s Essential Edgings Collection: 500 of her favourite original borders.


The finished blanket is big enough for a knee rug for a chic granny, or a cot cover for a BRIGHT nursery.


The best thing is that I have three sections left over to make into three more blankets—and I can experiment with crochet and different knitted edges to make them all unique!