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Blanket terror

My first blanket

I started knitting squares for blankets a while back, but never did anything with them. I realised that you had to join the squares together, and that was all a bit hard. I found a pattern in a knitting magazine where five or six ‘squares’ were knitted in a row, with every second square having an inset of stocking stitch, which looked attractive. So, I managed to knit eight lengths of five ‘squares’ before I was faced with the terror of having to put it together.

My previous experience of ‘making up’, or joining all the bits together was probably 40 years ago. I found a magazine that clearly showed mattress stitch and began. Many times I undid my stitches. And I had to really concentrate. But I finally did it, and, inspired by this accomplishment, I went on to learn how to pick up stitches around the outside to make a border.

What I learnt:

  • knitting the pieces is only half of the project
  • the making up takes about as long as the knitting part (maybe I will get quicker)
  • finishing a project is completely satisfying!

I’m not afraid of finishing any more. I have even gone on to make a baby’s jacket and jumper and more beanies and vests. And I am now obsessed with making blankets, so there are many more blanket posts to come!

Web resources for mattress stitch:
Knitting Instructional Video: How to Do a Garter Mattress Stitch
Knitting Instructional Video: How to Do a Stocking Mattress Stitch