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Knitting for African babies

There are lots of wonderful volunteers out there knitting warm clothes and blankets for African mothers and babies. Now that I have some time, I would like to contribute to this cause.

Baby vest and beanie

These baby vests and beanies are my first steps back into knitting. My mother gave me the vest and beanie patterns. It was fun to choose the colours and simple stripe patterning. The pom poms were a bit of a challenge. The first one I made (from Youtube instructions) was about the size of a tennis ball. I gave up in the end and bought a pom pom maker, which is a bit hardier than cardboard. With practice I think I will improve!

Baby vest and beanie

I think I can get faster at this and hope to make many more. These garments are sent to Africa via MAG (can’t find contact on the web at the moment, but will link when I can find it).

Other contacts and resources for knitting for African babies:
Facebook page: Knitting Jumpers for African Babies
Cute Little jumper for African babies knitted by Frances.MOV – YouTube.

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