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From addiction to admission

Today I am continuing to declutter some of my work and storage spaces so that I can 😊 … 😅store some more yarn.

Beyond having just the whole shebang of yarns and tools, I have categories of projects (unfinished and start-pending) that need to be ‘filed’ in organised niches.

I just googled knitting addiction and found an old mamamia article about the 8 stages of a knitting addiction. I was going to write this post about being addicted to everything knitting, but now discover that I am way past addiction. I have to admit to THE knitting begging to be the sole focus of my life. [You can see that I am not yet ready to take the blame for this]

Here are a few pics of recent beloved knit offspring:

And for every pic above there are multiple variations brewing! So many colours, so many stitch patterns, so many shapes still to explore.

I don’t think I’ll ever be on the road to recovery, in fact, I just bought a sewing machine so I’m in way too deep!